We use newsjacking as a common strategy for our PR and SEO clients – this is usually a combination of planned activity and being reactive to the current news agenda. We know this to be a fool-proof strategy that gets our clients great coverage in front of their target audience, and also generates highly relevant and natural links for them.

We also sometimes look at planning bigger campaigns and creative pieces around calendar events too.

Our biggest frustration with regards to the planned side of this though has often been that there isn’t one place to go to look at all the relevant events we could use as hooks. We’d find ourselves scouring different websites and trying to constantly pull together our own combined list looking at, for example, sporting and entertainment events or National Days (every PR’s fave!).

We also realised that we’re probably not alone in this, and that there are likely to be lots of other people working in PR, Social Media and Content etc who are wasting time doing the same thing. So we thought we’d try to be super helpful and create a calendar that not only pulls all the major potential hooks into one place, but also allows you to easily add the events to your own calendar so that you don’t forget them.


PR calendar

We’ve started from a basis of events that we think are interesting, but will be constantly adding to the calendar with more events over time. We’ve also added a submit section so that if you notice we’ve missed anything and want to help your fellow PR friends out, you can send in the details for us to add it in.

We really hope that you’ll find it as useful as we do, and would love for you to share it with your industry friends.

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