Providing Privacy Needn’t Mean Poor Customer Experience  

Companies have looming fears about the upcoming changes to cookies, the shift to first-party data over the use of third-party, and the amount and types of data they will be able to access and use for marketing purposes. But offering customers better control over how their data is accessed and what it can be used for doesn’t have to spell the end of highly personalised customer experiences. 

Data privacy should be at the forefront of all decisions regarding customer data. 

Data is the lifeblood of modern marketing, informing all interactions with your customers, but your customers’ trust is just as crucial. At Edit we consider it our duty to always operate in an ethical and privacy-first way, in the best interest of our clients and their customers. 

In a competitive market, companies need to differentiate themselves with customer-focused marketing initiatives that rely on customer data and personalisation – so retaining trust is imperative to having access to this data at all. 

Bad privacy experiences go beyond loss of trust from your customers, your company will also be impacted heavily with loss of revenue, and the time required to recover will put further strain on your resources. 

So, what is affecting your customers’ trust in your handling of their data? 

Do you have outdated data issues? Are you inadvertently still sending mail to deceased customers, or targeting customers with other insensitive marketing due to your data not being up to date? 

Does your company have siloed data accessible only to certain departments causing frustration to your customers when they attempt to contact you via different avenues? 

Have you suffered a data breach that continues to impact your retention? 


Getting it Right 

How do companies walk the thin line of gathering the right data from their customers to obtain the relevant insights to personalise their customer journeys, without compromising their privacy? 

By generating insights from your data you can optimise your brand’s communications, create personalised marketing content that leads to better retention and higher ROI. 

Your solutions could lay anywhere between a simple data cleanse, and the implementation of a new Customer Data Platform (CDP) technology to completely reorganise the way you handle and analyse your data. 

If your company is already struggling with compliance or data management in general, its time to partner with a company that specialises in consultancy, the implementation of tools such as CRMs, and can deliver the training that your staff need to get yourself back on the proper footing. 


Edit are here to help 

Contact us today for a free consultation to discuss your data and privacy needs. 

We’ve worked with a great many well known brands on similar projects to help them with compliance, data management and more. Check out our Case Studies or see our recent award-winning work with Southern Co-op where we created a new way for them to access and analyse their data via a digital dashboard to make decisions in real time, improving their CRM conversions, member insight, customer loyalty and advocacy by delivering hyper personalised experiences to their members. 


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