SearchLeeds speaker interview with Alexandre Sigoigne from Myposeo

We sat down with Myposeo’s CEO, Alexandre Sigoigne, ahead of his SearchLeeds talk to find out more about his session and why he’s excited to be attending SearchLeeds for the first time.


Alexandre Sigoigne, Myposeo
Build SEO content strategy based on SERP and competitive analysis
10:00 Second Stage

Why did you get into the world of SEO?

I have always been passionate about web analytics and data. I founded my own company, Myposeo, when I was 21. I just love helping brands and agencies to elevate their SEO efforts. Since then it’s been exciting to see Myposeo grow and I’m proud it has become one of the leading platforms in France.

What’s the best piece of advice you could give someone working in search?

I used to say that SEO is a matter of common‐sense and collaboration. Of course, using key measurement indicators to track your acquisition through organic traffic is important in order to accurately spearhead your business plan and prioritise marketing campaigns. It’s all about getting the right tools to do the heavy lifting and help you make those decisions so you can concentrate on deeper analysis and optimisation.

Who is your talk for and why should they attend?

Marketers and people in charge of global growth acquisition need to be updated about the latest search engine optimization strategies. SERP and competitors analysis is not new, but the way Google is changing helps us to define better strategies. If you want to create or update your global content strategy for your eCommerce website and you don’t know where to start, this talk is for you.

Is this your first time at SearchLeeds?

Yes! We launched into the UK market a few months ago, and the first UK SEO conference we attended was BrightonSEO in April. However, this is my first time in the north of England and my first time in Leeds. To top this, this is my first time as a speaker. I’m very excited!

Are there any talks (other than yours) that you are looking forward to?

I’m not sure I will have as much time as I would like to attend lots of the other talks as i’ll be spending most of my time speaking to people at the Myposeo stand. However, if I do have time I will definitively attend Britney Muller’s talk about machine learning for SEOs and Matthew Howells-Barby’s on scaling SEO internationally.

What is your best sales pitch in 20 words or less?

In a big data world, SEO people need to focus on using data at the right moment for the right person. This is where Myposeo helps.

If you would like to meet Alexandre at SearchLeeds on June 20th you can tweet him at @siGauss  to organise a meeting, or come meet him at the Myposeo stand in the exhibition area.

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