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All the slides from #SearchLeeds 2017

ARTICLE BY Stephen Kenwright
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    16th June 2017

    Our second edition of SearchLeeds happened on the 15th June 2017. We more than tripled in size, with more than 1,300 marketers walking through the doors of our new home at the first direct arena. We added a third stage and welcomed many more of our SEO and PPC agency friends across Leeds, with the likes of Stickyeyes, Epiphany and Journey Further joining our long-term collaborators Search Laboratory.

    We’re incredibly grateful for all the people – the 40 speakers, all the sponsors, the first direct arena staff (who did a great job handling security and were genuinely helpful) and, last but not least, the 40+ Branded3 team members (and especially our awesome marketing team) – who gave up their time to make SearchLeeds what it was this year: the biggest digital conference in the north of England.

    Session 1 – main stage

    Branded3 communications director Laura Crimmons – “Let’s get emotional”

    Find it on SlideShare here.

    Paul Madden – Kerboo

    Links as a metric in 2017, are they still relevant and how do we ensure value?

    Paddy Moogan – Aira

    From SMEs to billion dollar companies – how link building can work for everyone

    Session 1 – Search Laboratory stage

    Rob McGowan – Response One

    Are you seeing the whole elephant? Why you need multiple perspectives on your customers to get the full picture

    Anna Lewis – Polka Dot Data

    Nailing ecommerce analysis with Google Analytics

    Adam Lee and Liam Mordew – Amaze

    Exploring data relationships – where quantification ends and contextualisation begins


    Session 1 – stage 3

    Jon Myers – DeepCrawl

    Prepare your website for mobile-first indexing

    Rebecca Weeks and Romain BonnetMGOMD

    Adapting your search strategy for a voice search world

    Mathew Court – AutoTrader

    Mobile first optimisation for non-responsive websites

    Session 2 – main stage

    James CarsonThe Telegraph

    Audience development: how SEO and social work together at a large publisher

    Danny BlackburnStickyeyes

    A content blueprint to drive serious SEO success

    Stephen Power – Google

    We don’t go online. We live online.


    Session 2 – Search Laboratory stage

    Pete WhitmarshSearch Laboratory

    PPC: Increasing your odds of winning – how to get an extra 10% from advanced bidding techniques

    Christian Scharmüller – Smarter Ecommerce GMbH

    Grow your business with Google Shopping

    Branded3 paid media director Jon Greenhalgh

    The growing impact of artificial intelligence on paid media

    Session 2 – stage 3

    Vikas AroraBing

    The psychology of search

    Ellie England – Bing

    The future of search


    To rent or mortgage – PPC vs SEO and why you can’t ignore either

    Session 3 – main stage

    Steve Baker and Neil Astin – Epiphany

    Desire, Data and Developers: 3 key facets of improving paid search performance

    Sam NobleKoozai

    Futuristic paid media strategies

    Matt Kwiecinski and Chris Rowett – Journey Further

    5 questions every client should ask their media agency

    Session 3 – Search Laboratory stage

    >Christina Ohanian – River Island

    Agile in the real world – it really is all about embedding from the trenches!

    Dawn AndersonMove It Marketing

    Too much choice for too little space and crawl budget – SEO and choice theory

    Barry AdamsPolemic Digital

    Turning SEO audit recommendations into business gains (SEO audit case studies)

    Session 3 – Stage 3

    Toby Brown – Response One

    Is content really still king? And how do you make a king work for you?

    Alex TachalovaDigital Olympus

    Why no one cares about my content (including Google)

    Chelsea BlackerBlueGlass

    How to get amazing content marketing results (and measure it)

    Session 4 – main stage

    Will CritchlowDistilled

    Lessons from SEO split-testing

    Aleyda SolisOrainti

    Winning conversion-driven ecommerce SEO

    Branded3 Strategy Director Stephen Kenwright

    How to be Amazon (and beat Google at search)

    Session 4 – Search Laboratory stage

    Ned PoulterPole Star Digital

    Facebook ads: the shifting landscape from keywords to audiences

    Lydia HinchliffMediacom

    Fueling content in the dark

    Malcolm Slade – Epiphany

    Brand: the only future ranking factor?

    Session 4 – stage 3

    Martin McGarry – Bookies Reviews

    So how good (or bad) was that pitch? 10 real examples of practices that either won or lost you that contract

    Olga AdrienkoSEMrush

    SEMrush ranking factors study

    You can read through the full SEMrush ranking factors study here.

    See you in 2018!