When we moved into our new office in the heart of Leeds, we knew we needed to partner with a design company who could give us the bold new space we wanted whilst considering how that space affects our culture and day-to-day working.

Enter Team designtonic, who nailed the brief and created the perfect space for us.

designtonic Director Amanda Cook tells us how they did it.


To make collaboration as simple as turning or standing, we plotted the desks together in one large area. Teams are grouped and everyone looks out of the huge, floor-to-ceiling windows, which bathe desks in lots of natural light and provide cityscape views for inspiration.

Centrally, we built several informal collaboration spaces to facilitate teamwork without tying up the meeting rooms, which are a mixture of comfortable booths, smaller meeting areas and a circular hub flow just off the reception area.

Meeting rooms of varying sizes front the riverside, taking in the best views. On each, a sophisticated electronic booking system allows staff to easily manage ins and outs.

Edit needed an area for large presentations and events, so we designed and built them a bespoke space now dubbed the “Editorium”, with tiered auditorium seating to give everyone a great view of screens and speakers.


We know a healthy, happy workplace isn’t just about workspace.

Edit’s culture places a strong emphasis on employee welfare and balance, and they were keen to make sure that space for downtime was a prominent feature of the new office, so we created areas where staff can get distance from the desk, including a large breakout space filled with texture and pattern and an internal cafe for a cuppa and a snack.


Last, but by no means least, you have to have an element of fun!

Editors (their nickname for staff) have a brand-new games room as part of the new space, with beautiful riverside views. A state-of-the-art sound system has been fitted throughout the offices to provide some auditory happiness. After all, research shows that the right background music can play an important role in improving performance and focus at work.

Finally, we also made sure that the whole space is filled with colour. With vibrant flashes of Edit’s hot pink accent throughout the office, the result pops in all the right places.

Email. hello@designtonicltd.co.uk if you need to space to create.

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