Watch: The Loyalty Paradox: How to create connected experiences that keep customers returning

On Tuesday, 30 November, Edit’s Strategic Consulting Director, Alex Holt, was Joined by Kin+Carta’s Customer Data Director, Gary Arnold, and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing’s Head of Growth, Matisha Ladiwala, to examine what it takes for organisations to orchestrate a complete end-to-end journey for each customer, which adds value at every interaction and drives intent through seamlessly connected experiences.

Watch this webinar to discover:

  • Exclusive insights from consumer research carried out by Edit
  • The ways customer data and AI can be combined to power consistent, relevant communications
  • The steps required for your business to be ready to create personalised, value-based experiences
  • How the real-time journey orchestration capabilities in Microsoft’s Customer Experience Platform can help you win and retain more customers.


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