Webinar: The Loyalty Paradox: How to create connected experiences

The relationship consumers have with brands is changed for good. The plethora of choice, access to honest feedback and the revolving door of discounts and offers, means that conventional loyalty schemes cannot exist in isolation.

In 2021 is the experience that consumers receive that create the drivers to keep a customer’s purchasing habitual. But what does that mean for marketers routed in build and blast behaviours?

Winning and retaining customers in this new environment requires a different way of thinking and new platforms to make it a reality.

Join us on Tuesday the 30th November, 16:00 GMT as we examine what it takes for your organisation to orchestrate a complete end-to-end journey for each customer, which adds value at every interaction and drives intent through seamlessly connected experiences.

Watch this webinar to discover:

  • Exclusive insights from consumer research carried out by Edit
  • The ways customer data and AI can be combined to power consistent, relevant communications
  • The steps required for your business to be ready to create personalised, value-based experiences
  • How the real-time journey orchestration capabilities in Microsoft’s Customer Experience Platform can help you win and retain more customers


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