What companies with the best CRM strategies have in common

You already know how important an effective CRM strategy is for your business. But what makes a great CRM strategy? And what do companies with the best CRM strategies have in common?

An effective CRM strategy enables you to keep track of your leads, identify opportunities, and improve your service.

It empowers you to overcome the issue of disconnected data silos, generates operational efficiencies, helps maintain compliance, increases sales and marketing effectiveness, and basically improves the customer experience overall – which, in turn, facilitates growth.

But it’s no secret that implementing CRM software is expensive – and so it makes sense that you will want to get the most out of your investment. So how do you maintain the highest quality of data whilst getting the optimum efficiency and productivity out of your CRM?

Read on to find out how companies with the best CRM strategies do it…

5 things companies with the best CRM strategies have in common

1. They make sure their data is clean

Without a doubt, one of the best things about CRM software is the ability to use data to get to know your customers and drive your decisions.

Whether you’re tracking key metrics such as customer satisfaction, are using data to decide which products and services to offer or are analysing your data to understand what’s working and what’s not, data forms an essential part of your CRM strategy.

But how many people can say they truly trust their data? Companies with successful CRM strategies regularly audit their data to keep their database current and efficient – allowing them to eliminate mistakes, ensure their data is relevant, and enable their marketing campaigns to work harder.

See for yourself the power of quality data and discover how Edit cleansed and unified Shell’s data, revolutionising their CRM and resulting in $890,000 yearly attribute and $9,000,000 incremental revenue per year.

2. They think about the customer experience

Yes, CRMs are a business tool. But they are also a tool that enables you to ensure excellent customer experience – and let’s face it, customer satisfaction is the most vital strategy for any business.

If you’re going to improve your customer connections and increase lifetime customer value, it all comes down to customer experience.

Successful brands know that in order build advocacy amongst their audience, they need to deliver an exceptional customer experience – which is why customer experience should be an integral part of your CRM strategy.

3. They deliver continuous, tailored, and targeted marketing

CRM systems enable companies to create highly personalised marketing campaigns that are cleverly designed to reach and resonate with your target audience – which is why companies that make the most out of their CRM use it to boost their marketing capability by creating continuous marketing campaigns and messages that target specific customer segments.

By eliminating the one-size-fits-all marketing strategy and instead creating marketing messages that are tailored to your target customers and market segments, you can cleverly reach out to and communicate with the right customers in the right way.

Ultimately, a more effective marketing strategy means more conversions. Find out how Edit helped Southern Co-Op to solidify their customer-first strategy to increase engagement, boost loyalty, and deliver personalised experiences. By developing personas and helping with customer segmentation, we delivered an actionable customer experience and tailored customer journeys, resulting in an 88% increase of emailable members and a 16% reduction of lapsed members.

4. They create the right content

You already know the importance of creating valuable content – but did you know that companies with a great CRM strategy use their software to help them create content with added value?

By using data analysis to monitor trends, review past performances and assess engagement levels, you can find out what content works and what doesn’t. Plus, once you find out the best performing campaigns and templates and identify what content engages your clients, you can recycle them and re-use them for the future.

Finally, you can then use your CRM to create, schedule, and publish powerful, value-added content to the right people at the right time.

5. They aren’t afraid to ask for help

Companies with a great CRM strategy also understand the power of working with experts.

When you enlist the help of Edit to assist you with your CRM strategy, our team of Editors will work together with you to deliver seamless customer journeys, interactions, and personalisation.

Plus, by stripping everything back and using real data, we also use sophisticated decision-making and analytics to ensure we create a strong CRM strategy that enables you to reach your customers on the right channel, at the right time.

The result? Better sales, award-winning campaigns, and dream customer experiences.

Find out how to transform your CRM strategy with Edit

Here at Edit, we go one step further than other CRM agencies and will dig deep to get to the very fundamentals of what a successful CRM programme should look like.

We use a data-driven, consultative approach, to create powerful, bespoke CRM strategies that actually work – something we like to call transformational CRM.

Whether you want to decrease churn, increase lifetime customer value, or introduce a new product, our dedicated team will deliver a truly bespoke solution that’s designed to meet your needs and optimise your customer connections.

Sound good? Contact us to find out more about transformational CRM today.

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