Award-winning fundraising support for charities big and small

How can you grow your charity when budgets are tighter than ever, thanks to Covid-19?

Edit is here to help deliver transformative technology and bespoke data-led media strategies that deliver proven results for non-profits of all shapes and sizes.

With years of experience in supporting the charity sector, having partnered with The Salvation Army, The British Red Cross and many others, we’ve honed the art of becoming a true partner to your charity that’s led by data and puts your KPIs at our core.

Our expertise covers strategic consulting, digital marketing and connected customer experience, providing you with the expertise to make the most of your resources, and take your organisation to the next level.

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Want to know more

We are data driven

Our systematic approach primarily consists of traffic and audience attribution as well as customer journey analysis to define the usability of your key pages. We then hypothesise, test, and rebuild through A/B testing, user feedback, competitor benchmarking, and design and development consultation to optimise your pages for the benefit of your users.

We take an independent approach

Our CRO team is made up of a diverse mix of mathematicians, designers, developers, digital strategists, and even engineering doctorates. As an interdependent agency, we thrive on the expertise of every area. We can deliver all CRO testing needs and requirements quickly and efficiently in-house. Working together, we develop the ideal conversion strategy for your site.

We understand customer behaviour

For us, CRO is not just about identifying how users convert. It’s about understanding why they convert and, crucially, why they don’t. Implementing subtle yet significant changes based on rigorous testing can ultimately shape the online customer experience. By understanding customer behaviour and scientifically defining usability, we optimise the customer experience to maximise ROI.