Edit under the hood: Executive Chairman of The Salocin Group, Nick Dixon

Image of Nick Dixon


Q. Tell me about your background, when did you first enter the data & MarTech space? And what drew you to it?

A. I’ve been in the marketing industry for 37 years. I studied a degree in printing technology alongside a Diploma in Marketing back in the early eighties and I’ve been involved ever since. I was drawn to it primarily because of the people. But the use of changing technology and dealing with all manner of different people really intrigued me. You can have the best kit or software available but what success often comes down to is about building the best teams and getting the people aligned.

Q. What is your approach to doing business?

A. My approach is very black and white, I believe there is no need to overcomplicate matters. A good product, or a good solution, and listen to your clients and colleagues, that should be all you need. I value honesty, integrity, and a straightforward approach.

Q. What do you consider your biggest achievement to date?

A. When getting involved with a distressed asset, a company which isn’t performing as it should, the aim is to leave it in better shape than you’ve found it. Not just through your own endeavours but by developing the team. Having accomplished that a few times in the past, I’d say, has been my biggest achievement. My measure of success is how you leave the business in a better stable position, how secure people’s jobs are, and how a business has grown since you became involved in it.

With Edit the challenge is altogether different, the business is already in great shape so what myself and the management team want to do is take it to the next level and expand our offering to clients through enhanced services such as a greater analytics capability, media optimisation and content development but with it all linked to data as the heartbeat of the services.

Q. And what’s been your biggest challenge?

A. Finding time for myself and my other interests, but my work is my passion, so I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Q. The industry Edit operates in is fast-moving and highly competitive. What do you think makes the business stand out and how has it maintained a competitive edge?

A. What gives Edit a competitive edge in the business is the passion, pedigree, and focus that it has. The people at Edit or the Editors have been in this space for a long while and understand what it takes to be successful. You look after your clients, your colleagues and you sell on proven values, clients see exactly what they are getting.

Q. Other than your phone, what’s one item you couldn’t live without?

A. It’s not a physical item per se, but I couldn’t live without social interaction. I’m a social person by nature, I like talking to people, getting to know them, whether inside or outside of business I enjoy interactions above all else.

Q. What is your favourite biscuit to have with your tea or coffee?

A. I’m not the biggest fan of biscuits, but I do enjoy first-party cookies. Jokes aside, I would rather have a cheese board with biscuits and a nice glass of port over coffee and biscuits any day.

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