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Hannah Newcombe is judging the DMAs – Best Design or Art Direction

ARTICLE BY Jamie Miles
    READ TIME: 1 min
    6th August 2019

    Why I applied to be a judge

    I thrive on strong insights that lead to innovative creative solutions and judging the DMAs is a great opportunity to open my eyes to the wild and wonderful work happening across the country despite the industry turbulence.

    What I’m looking for in an entry

    Make me smile.

    2019 headlines have been bursting with the Brexit hokey cokey, positively powerful equality movements and serene millennials who look to escape the madness with their mindfulness mantras.

    To quote the Joker, why so serious?

    I’ll be looking for visual tickle that cuts through this year’s earnest tone with a killer insight that leaves a lasting impression.

    My favourite past entry

    Best design or art direction (Gold 2018)

    The Times and The Sunday Times

    Another Busy Year

    I particularly enjoyed the Boris execution in contrast to May and Trump. A fun way to showcase the hectic news coverage with a ‘fomo’ drive to encourage people to subscribe in January.

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