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Creating a really simple breadcrumb function for WordPress pages

Whilst working on my first proper WordPress theme, I needed a nice simple breadcrumb plugin or function for my pages. As so often is the case, most of the existing plugins or functions were unnecessarily complicated and/or bloated; so I decided to write my own. If you haven’t got any knowledge of PHP, it’s probably […]

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How to check your AdWords traffic isn’t being reported as organic

We’ve been working on a few projects recently where it transpired that a significant amount of AdWords traffic was being miscounted as Google Organic which meant skewed figures and incorrect conclusions. The way Google Analytics tracks AdWords clicks is via the gclid parameter which is added to your landing page URL when you enable auto-tagging […]

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How search volume data may be used to determine brand authority

This week’s brand update has left a lot of people trying to figure out exactly why Google is boosting the ranking of certain top brands. We know they aren’t boosting sites just because they are owned by a big brand – the boost comes from a number of authority-based ranking factors that Google is giving […]

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