Can't Travel? How To Create A Staycation In Your Home

Borders may be opening, but that doesn’t mean we are rushing to the beaches of Europe for our summer holidays this year. Consumer confidence is at its lowest since the financial crisis a decade ago[1], with families across the country worried about financial security, with many worried about losing their job and increased costs at home due to Covid-19[2]. Therefore staying local this year is the name of the game.

However, families with children still at home are 10x more likely than the average UK household to holiday abroad, and so these are unprecedented times where having spent 3 months at home with their children already, they face another 2 months of entertaining their children at home. And that is no easy feat, with 53% of all families with children at home finding it hard to balance work, children and social life[3].

After some more research undertaken by fellow Kin&Carta brand Incite, we realised there really was a gap in the market, reaching families with a helping hand to get them through a summer at home. We know families across the UK are in need of inspiration, ‘tapping into the lockdown zeitgeist of restlessness’[4] and that’s when we developed the Summer Staycation shared mail pack, due to go live August 2020.

As always, brands need to ensure their marketing is reflective of the times and now more than ever, we need to be sensitive to the conditions the UK are in. But also, brands are in a difficult time too, with many operating on reduced budgets, having to make their marketing go further. And the Summer Staycation share mail pack answers both quandaries.

Firstly, it has been designed to help families across the UK by sharing offers and deals from brands that can make their Summer Staycation that little bit easier, more exiting, and stress free. And secondly, for the brands this is an amazing opportunity to reach a captivated audience in the comfort of their home for a fraction of the price if they were to go it alone. Getting into the consumers home right now is key, it’s where people are spending most of their time and with 94% of mail being engaged with on receipt and 70% of people saying mail makes them feel valued, a shared mail piece is the perfect way to reach the consumer[5].

Normally priced at £60-80/000 for a solus Partially Addressed mail piece, we are able to offer it at just £24/000! That’s a huge 60% saving. For this you will reach 250,000 households, where families with children are looking for help and inspiration for the summer holiday using TGI lifestyle statements to increase our targeting. Within the mail pack we can carry a maximum of 6 advertisers, ensuring they are non-competing and all running on an UA5 2pp insert. All you need to do is supply the artwork and we will take care of the rest; the media planning, the booking, the print and production. It’s that easy!

We’ve seen great results from shared mail packs previously, with the supporting brands helping to create a positive and welcomed experience for the recipient.

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