Top 25 most visible SEO agencies in the UK according to Searchmetrics

Update Jan 2014: This post was intended as a tongue in cheek way to highlight the fly by night spam SEO sites that were ranking for keywords like “seo company” & “seo agency” in the UK and to force Google into taking action. The post was a success and none of the spam sites featured in this post are appearing anywhere in the results today (there are others cropping up of course). Choosing an agency is hard and it’s important to select one that practices what it preaches – at Branded3 we use the same natural content marketing strategies on our clients that we use to promote our own website. We take on clients for all budgets over £5000/month so if you want to improve your rankings naturally please get in touch.

Most people in the industry know not to judge an SEO company by their own rankings but there are still a lot of clients out there that choose an SEO agency by searching on Google for “seo” or “seo agency”. We thought it would be interesting to see exactly which SEO agencies had the most visibility according to the well known Searchmetrics tool.

Searchmetrics calculates a visibility score for all sites based on their ranking across a very broad range of keywords (they track millions) and the search volume for that keyword and is a much fairer comparison than just looking at a handful of generic keywords.

We’ve compiled the data below based on this weeks visibility (11th July 2013) and also added a comparison from 5th January 2012 to show how much things have changed in the past 18 months. There are a couple of important notes about the data:

  • We take no responsibility for the accuracy of this data, the numbers are from searchmetrics (we wish they did a quarterly award like Hitwise)
  • We merged & last year so we added the visibility for both sites together for January 2012 to get a fair comparison
  • Some SEO agencies have changed domains and/or rebranded in the past 18 months so we have taken that into account and used the old domain for the 2012 figure and the new one for the 2013 figure
  • Some companies (like Bronco & have a blog and a main website (like we used to) so we have added those figures together
  • If anything on this list is incorrect or somebody is missing please let us know in the comments and we will update the post

SEO Agencies

It’s really great to see how alive the SEO industry is with lots of brand new companies doing really well in the rankings. Branded3 is the most visible on the list this week but we face stiff competition from agencies that have only been around a few months and are already seeing great rankings.

If there is a lot of interest in this we might update the list once a month or so. All feedback welcome.

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