Visual Website Optimizer (VWO) now allows saving of custom segments

Optimisation tool Visual Web Optimizer (VWO) has added the ability to save custom segments to your account. You can now save customised segments of users you frequently use as part of an optimisation campaign. It also helps to reduce the need for setting up the segments manually each time.

When setting up a new test within VWO, you are given the option to ‘enable campaign for a specific visitor group’. This allows the test to be targeted at visitors who meet specific criteria and allows you to test subsections of the audience individually.

By clicking ‘Custom’ within the area that appears after enabling targeting, you can create a customised segment using multiple conditions. Here is a simple example using an IP address:

Customised segment on Visual Website Optimizer

In the top right corner of the menu you can ‘Save Segment’ by clicking the floppy disk icon.

Save segment

This brings up an area where you can name your segment before saving it into the ‘My Segments’ section, where it can be accessed quickly and used on other future campaigns.

My segments section on Visual Website Optimizer

Here is an example segment contained in the ‘My Segments’ area:

A segment contained in the 'my segments' section

Don’t worry if you make a mistake and need to edit a segment in future – you can do so by hovering over the segment and then clicking the pencil icon that appears.

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