I’ve been at Edit since the company launched in 2018 and I’ve admired the company culture from the very start. To be part of an agency that allows you to flourish in your role by giving you the trust you need to push yourself further and develop in your role is greatly fulfilling.

When Edit launched, uniting four companies as one, it was a tough collaboration. However, it wasn’t long before it felt like we were all part of the same family. Merging expertise from all areas of marketing to create a fantastic end-to-end solution across media, CRM, data science, and technology was an amazing transformation to be part of.

I am part of the Media department in our Bath office and I couldn’t wish for a better team. We are a bubbly bunch of people who bounce off each other and, if you get us all in a room together with a whiteboard and pen, the ideas we come up with are beyond creative. What one brilliant mind might suggest, another can expand on, and it’s the people here at Edit that bring everything together.

The people are the bread and butter of the agency, but the work-life balance is what helps to keep the people happy in the first instance. I love our flexible work policy, which allows me to start early and leave early in the summer when I want to make the most of sunny afternoons. I love that I can work from home if needed, such as if I have an appointment to attend or if it’s difficult to get into the office. I know that Mums and Dads in the business really benefit from the flexible working policy as well – whether it’s being able to come in a bit later after the school run, or nipping out for an hour to watch a school play. The trust the agency has in its employees gives you a sense of motivation to work harder and give back to the company.

Social activities are another bonus – ‘Wine Down’, as we call it on a Friday at 4pm, is when our beer fridge opens and we’ll all crowd in the kitchen, having a drink together to end the working week with a bit of music in the background. It’s nice to mingle with work colleagues in the office on a more personal level, and this tops off our early finish every Friday.

At Edit, there’s always something going on, whether it’s a Mindfulness workshop with Make a Move or a celebration for International Woman’s Day with afternoon tea, the company always go over and above to celebrate special events which matter and resonate with the culture of Edit. We’ve had wine tasting classes and even chocolate tasting! Topped off with our summer and Christmas parties, where we’ll have a ‘sports day’ or hire out a cocktail bar.

I often find myself explaining my job to friends and family and getting replies like “you’re so lucky”, or “how do I get a job like that?”. I think the Media industry has a culture one way or another, you either find yourself working long hours, feeling stressed and under a lot of pressure, or you have that balance of working hard work and being rewarded for it. I’m not saying there aren’t times that are stressful or that I never feel under pressure but, weighing everything up, I’d say Edit has the right balance and endless support from colleagues. That’s why I’m proud to be part of this agency.

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