Advancing Altruism: Using Data to Help Non-Profits Thrive

The last 18 months have been a particularly challenging time for charities. Traditional revenue streams – everything from cake sales to sponsored runs, have been put on hold.  

But even without Covid-19 the donor landscape is changing, traditional methods of fundraising no longer have the same reach, and donor’s expectations are greater than ever. 

A Microsoft survey showed that 76% of charity supporters expected non-profits to be more efficient in fundraising than they were 10 years ago, 

But with these challenges come opportunities, technology allows non-profits to access data that sheds light on donor preferences and behaviours like never before. The same survey indicated that 86% of respondents were more likely to support a non-profit if they were seen to be using technology to run its campaigns. 

Edit, in conjunction with Microsoft, explore this and other current challenges facing the non-profit sector and look at how charities can increase their revenue and donations in their latest report, Advancing Altruism: Using Data to Help Non-Profits Thrive.  

Featuring contributions by Ha Cole, CTO Tech for Social Impact at Microsoft, and from Edit, Gary Arnold, Strategic Consulting Director, Holly Payet, Strategist, Mark Dallimore, Director of Data Science, and Ben Briggs, Media Director.  

Download it here  

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