Webinar: Creating customer journeys fit for the future

There has been a shift in customers’ expectations for a more personalised, and thoughtful approach from brands to their interactions with them. Have you ever received an email asking for a review of a product which you had returned due to a fault days before? Or how about, have you been notified of an amazing sale for summer flights, just as you were dealing with the fallout of your most recent holiday cancellation? 

Our reliance on the digital has exponentially increased due to the in-person restrictions placed on us by the pandemic, so now more than ever do brands need to rise to the challenge of… not getting in their own way. Customer loyalty and customer advocacy are crucial to each business, but they are not attainable when the customer journey is stilted and awkward. The answer is personalisation, and the way to attain it is via Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 Customer Journey Orchestrations. 

Join Microsoft & Kin+Carta as we examine what it takes for your organisation to orchestrate a complete end-to-end journey for each customer that adds value at every interaction and drives intent through seamlessly connected experiences in both the physical and digital worlds.  

Watch this webinar to discover 

  • How data-first, orchestration-driven personalisation builds long-term loyalty 
  • The ways customer data and AI can be combined to power intent-based experiences  
  • Case-studies from Kin+Carta showing what next-level customer journeys can look like   
  • An overview from Microsoft of its new real-time journey orchestration capabilities in Dynamics 365 Marketing to help you win and retain more customers.


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