It’s an exciting time here at Edit and our sister company Join the Dots, as we can now announce the launch of Signal, our bespoke digital direct mail solution that allows potential customers to signal their interest in your brand with the touch of a button.

Our premium Signal packs have been developed as a turn-key solution available to support any brand or product launch, based on our award-winning work with Jaguar Land Rover.

Why choose Signal for your next marketing campaign?

Signal was developed directly off the back of consumer feedback. The modern customer is bombarded with electronic messages through-out the day across, email, apps and social media. And whilst many of these messages may be well thought out and contain personalised messaging, it is still increasingly difficult for brands to stand-out amongst the noise, and for consumers to break away from the endless scroll which has become the habit of so many.

Market research shows that print market still has real cut-through, particularly amongst harder to reach segments, and high value customers. QR codes allow print mail to connect effectively to digital platforms, however what if could take things one stage further and remove the need for another device? That’s where Signal comes in.

Combining attention-grabbing print with the immediacy of digital communications, Signal offers a unique solution to getting a response from a target audience.

Image shows a person holding the signal oack, it has an image of a watch with a push button in place of the dial. The has their finger hovering above the button.

How does Signal work?

With an action as simple as the touch of a button, or the turn of a dial on the pack, our radio transmitting technology sends a signal to virtually any marketing platform that the customer would like to take the next step towards engaging with a brand. In the case of our award-winning work for Jaguar Land Rover that’s booking a test drive, but it could be anything from arranging a property viewing, scheduling a sales call or making a repeat order.

Where working with Edit provides another unique advantage is when we combine the marketing technology of signal with the capabilities of our Intelligent Data team. By analysis of your first-party customer data, we can pin-point exactly the right consumers to target with a signal campaign, minimising wastage, and ensuring the right audience receives the right message.

With a direct connection to your chosen marketing platform, it couldn’t be easier to react to a customer’s signal of intent. And they’re empowered to get in touch more conveniently than ever.

“We are undoubtedly seeing the growth of physical engagement to compliment digital experiences. Whether that’s QR code integration everywhere, or uses of augmented reality for everything from gaming to education, to retail, these forms of engagement are early signs of the meta-verse taking hold. Signal is our unique offering within this marketing place combing the best of our capabilities into a product with proven revenue generating capabilities.” – Ben Briggs, Managing Partner, Join the Dots

No mixed messages, just a simple Signal.

Empower your customers to connect with your brand with just the touch of a button. Request a pack here. Any questions? Contact us here.

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