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Cashing in on the trends: Marketing in the banking sector

ARTICLE BY Jamie Miles
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    20th March 2019

    Arguably, the global finance sector more than any other is becoming both more strategically focused and technologically advanced to respond to consumer expectations. With the increase in disruptors, such as appbased banks Monzo and Atom, financial entities like traditional banks are understanding the importance of innovation and developing solutions to defend market share on new fronts.

    A great deal of emphasis is being placed upon making banking and finance more digital and reassessing organisational structures to do so.

    We are seeing organisations use customer data to create personalised experiences, expand their services, re-configure delivery channels, deliver proactive advice, integrate payments, and apply blockchain technology.

    There is a lot of content surrounding the changes within this sector during this period of uncertainty. At Edit, we work with several financial services clients and have seen the impact sector changes have had upon their customer strategies.

    Which is why we have put this report together; not only to summarise what we feel are the key trends but also how to respond to them:

    Brexit causing a focus on B2B financial marketing and investment

    The move towards finance as a Platform

    Steps towards a cashless society

    The need for greater social responsibility and transparency

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