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The Edit 2019 – The biggest marketing lessons from this year

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11th December 2019

Modern marketing is a complex and sometimes baffling place – it’s no wonder marketers crave simplicity and certainty. 


2019 was a turbulent year for many, with exponential advances in technology, regulatory obstacles, brand purpose, Google’s BERT update and a renewed focus on attributing marketing’s contribution to revenue creating a challenging environment.   

2020 will surely be equally as daunting – and potentially as rewarding.


In 2019 – The Edit, we cut out the noise and focus on the things that have made a real difference to marketing in 2019 – and look ahead to what will matter most in 2020.


What is covered:

  • Attribution, Growth and Accountability
  • Technology
  • Long Term Strategy vs Short Term Tactics
  • Overlooked Audiences
  • SEO
  • AI
  • Voice Search
  • Surprise peaks in a post-GDPR landscape
  • Data

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