What are the best CRM consulting services and why does your brand need them?

You already know how important customer relationship management is for your business.

In fact, in today’s world, an effective CRM system is essential to business success.

It is the baseline for your interaction with both existing and potential customers and allows you to uncover valuable insights about customer needs so you can personalise communications, improve customer satisfaction, and increase customer retention.

An effective CRM system is worth its weight in gold. Did you know, for example, that 84% of consumers believe that the experience a company provides is just as important as the products and services it offers? Or that a 5% improvement in customer retention can boost profits by a staggering 95%?

To put it simply, if your business is going to succeed in today’s world, you need a CRM system that works hard for you. But if you are going to get the most out of your CRM, you need a CRM strategy – and what better way to create a powerful CRM strategy than by enlisting the help of an expert CRM consultancy?

In this blog, we explain the best CRM consulting services and share four ways a CRM consultancy can help you to unlock the power of your CRM…

The 4 best CRM consulting services and why your brand needs them

1. Insight and analytics

If you’re going to inform smarter marketing and customer experience strategies, you need to use your data.

In actual fact, your CRM strategy is only as good as your data, which is why you need to use a combination of analytics and smart data science to fuel predictive insights and improve results.

From data analysis to review past campaign performance to data science that enables you to plan for the future, as a specialist CRM consultancy, our consultants are informed by data.

Cleansed, well-managed, well-structured data is at the heart of everything we do, and we use the power of data to help create clever CRM strategies and streamline your path to value.

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Why you need it

By using super-charged information and analytics, you can draw growth-driving insights that help solve your marketing challenges.

2. CRM campaign planning

Once you’ve analysed your data, it’s time to get planning and create highly personalised CRM strategies that get real results.

Here at Edit, our team of Editors combine the maths and magic of data science to create highly personalised customer relationship strategies and inform award-winning campaigns. Here’s how we do it:

Focused targeting

Our CRM software will sift through contacts and target profitable customers

Smart segmentation

We’ll then uncover common trends so you can work out what those customers want

Personalised content

Once we know what they want, we will tailor your marketing messages to your customer segments

Recycle your approach

We’ll recycle your best-performing campaigns to help with your future marketing endeavours

Why you need it

By effectively planning your campaigns, you can make sure you send tailored messages to your customers and deliver timely marketing campaigns that really resonate.

3. Clever creative

If you’re going to resonate with your audience and deliver customer experiences that are remembered for all the right reasons, you need your customers to engage with your content.

Without a doubt, the best way to engage with your audience is by creating relevant and compelling copy and crafting standout designs that truly inspire your customers.

By recognising the needs of your customers and putting customer experience above all, at Edit, our clever creatives will help you to boost your marketing capability and create content that your customers really want to read.

The result? Material that stands out from the competition and gets you noticed for all the right reasons.

Why you need it

Creating bespoke, targeted campaigns that appeal to specific customer segments results in more personalised campaigns, more conversions, and less churn.

4. CRM improvement

The work doesn’t stop once your campaign is out of the door, though. If you’re going to get the most out of your CRM strategy, you need to be flexible and continue to improve your CRM as you go.

The best CRM strategies are a work in progress, and your CRM strategy should be constantly evolving as your business and customers continue to grow and change, so you can hone your strategy and continue to deliver exceptional experiences.

Essentially, by tracking the performance of your campaigns to see what works and what doesn’t, you can identify areas for improvement.

Why you need it

By using data analysis to monitor trends and review past performance, you can learn from your mistakes and ensure you are constantly improving customer experiences.

Discover CRM consulting services with Edit

At Edit, we believe that everything starts with data. By using data to understand your customers’ needs, our team of expert consultants will create custom CRM strategies to improve customer experience and drive new business.

Whichever of our CRM consulting services you need, we will work with you to improve all aspects of your CRM, from insight to analytics and creative to results – and we’ll put your customers first every step of the way, too.

Want to find out more? Contact our team of Editors to discover how we can help to transform your CRM.

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