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7 pitfalls when using Google Data Studio

Ok the title is click baity - Google Data Studio is an awesome tool and many of you are probably already using it on some level. For those of you that don’t know Google Data Studio, it’s time to get on board. After all, it’s free and allows you to simplify the...

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Using GTM to avoid (not set) in Google Analytics

If you use a Google Tag Manager variable whose type is “number” to send data to Google Analytics, you may notice that some of your data comes through as (not set), rather than the value you wanted. The example above shows an event label which is pulled in from the...

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adwordsR: How to get Adwords API data using R

R has many uses, a particular highlight being its simple integration with various APIs, such as the Google Analytics API. These simple API integrations usually rely on packages, and integration into the Google Adwords API is no different. We have built our own R...

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