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Rethinking in a recession: Self-care

For a little while, self-care has been having a moment. Google searches are soaring, the #selfcare Instagram hashtag exceeds 35 million posts and over 100,000 products on Amazon have attached themselves to the trend. All told, taking care of your mental health has...

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Can you afford not to cleanse your data?

Today there is a story in Decision Marketing highlighting just how important data cleanse is to any business.  The story dates back to 2018, when a mother received a letter from Manchester City Council, asking her to register her son for a place at a local primary...

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Why you should be using homemover data

Using homemover data to mail properties where the individuals are in the process of a home move can be a very effective medium for companies to market their products and/or services. This is particularly true for industries whose products or services are closely...

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